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RegulatingAI’s Insights on Drone Warfare

Event Type: Online

Event Organizer: RegulatingAI

May 21,2024 @ 15:00 to May 21,2024 @ 15:45


Join us at Defense Tech Week, the United State’ premier conference committed to exploring technology’s crucial role in the future of modern U.S. national security. RegulatingAI Expert, LTC Paul Lushenko, PhD, will explore the evolution of drone warfare studies post-9/11, define drone warfare based on his research, and examine emerging questions surrounding proliferation, effectiveness, legality, public attitudes, and global order. Do not miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from one of the leading experts in the field!

Attend the illuminating session with LTC Paul Lushenko as he delves into the complex landscape of drone warfare. As an Assistant Professor and the Director of Special Operations at the U.S. Army War College, LTC Lushenko brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Having played key roles in directing intelligence operations at various levels, including as the Senior Intelligence Officer for the Joint Special Operations Task Force in Afghanistan, LTC Paul Lushenko offers invaluable perspectives on shaping effective counterterrorism strategies.

Regulating AI, a 501(c)(3) organization, is committed to empowering grassroots voices in shaping global AI legislation and regulation. Our foundation rests on fostering a meaningful social compact between governing bodies and the individuals directly affected by AI. Together, we hold the power to steer AI’s growth for the betterment of society today and in the years ahead.

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RegulatingAI, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to establishing a platform for grassroots advocacy concerning artificial intelligence (AI) regulation. We serve as a bridge connecting AI experts, researchers, corporations, NGOs, academicians, students, and enthusiasts. RegulatingAI is committed to harnessing the power of shared knowledge to construct a responsible and ethical AI ecosystem.

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