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Welcome to the
RegulatingAI Community

Welcome to the
RegulatingAI Community


About Us

Our community, comprised of experts, mentors, and enthusiasts, is actively engaged in exploring the intersection of AI and regulation. We strive to unite individuals with diverse experiences and backgrounds, fostering discussions and collaborations on the global implementation of AI.

What We Offer

AI Subcommunities

Healthcare AI

Join the conversation about AI in healthcare, addressing topics such as patient privacy, data sharing, and ethical considerations.

Finance AI

Discuss the implications of AI in the financial industry, including algorithmic trading, risk management, and customer data protection.

Transportation AI

Dive into the regulatory challenges of autonomous vehicles, traffic management, and the future of transportation with AI integration.

Education AI

Share insights on the use of AI in education, examining topics of student privacy, personalized learning, and AI-powered educational resources.

Retail AI

Explore the impact of AI on the retail sector, covering areas such as customer profiling, targeted advertising, and consumer protection.

AI Ethics

Stay informed about how artificial intelligence systems are developed and used in an ethical and responsible manner.

AI Policy

Get notified about global regulations and guidelines put in place to govern the development and use of artificial intelligence.

AI and Data Privacy

Remain involved in the conversations about personal data protection, addressing issues such as consent, transparency, and data security in AI.

AI Algorithmic Bias

Learn about the potential for artificial intelligence algorithms to produce biased results, often reflecting and perpetuating societal inequalities and prejudices.

AI Technology

Update yourself on the tools, techniques, and systems used to develop and deploy artificial intelligence applications, including machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision.

Rolewise Subcommunities

AI Research Scientist

Join us in a community of like-minded researchers to share insights and collaborate on cutting-edge AI projects.

Machine Learning Engineer

Come together with fellow ML engineers to exchange ideas and best practices in our dedicated community.

Data Scientist

Join our community of data scientists to discuss the latest trends and challenges in AI and data analytics.

AI Product Manager

 Join our community of AI product managers to network and learn from others in similar roles, and discuss the unique challenges of managing AI products.

NLP (Natural Language Processing) Engineer

Join our NLP community to collaborate with peers, share resources, and stay updated on the latest developments in natural language processing.

AI Business Analyst

Join our community of AI business analysts to network, share insights, and discuss the impact of AI on business strategy and decision-making.

AI Regulations Community

Connect with fellow regulatory professionals and policymakers, discussing best practices in AI governance, policy development, and compliance.

Founders & Innovators

Engage with entrepreneurs and innovators in the AI space, exchanging ideas on how to navigate regulatory challenges and ensure responsible AI deployment.


Benefit from the wisdom of experienced mentors in the AI field, seek guidance on regulatory matters, and foster professional growth within the realm of AI regulation.

Academics & Researchers

Join discussions on cutting-edge AI research, explore the impact of regulations on research and share insights on responsible AI development.


Get Involved!

Engage in our vibrant community by registering, actively participating in discussions, and collaborating with AI enthusiasts, experts, and regulators worldwide. Whether you share your knowledge, seek advice, or simply network with like-minded individuals passionate about the ethical and responsible use of AI, your involvement is greatly valued.

Join us today and collectively shape the future of AI regulation!

Note: Our community promotes respectful and constructive dialogue. Please adhere to our community guidelines for a positive and inclusive experience.

RegulatingAI, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to establishing a platform for grassroots advocacy concerning artificial intelligence (AI) regulation. We serve as a bridge connecting AI experts, researchers, corporations, NGOs, academicians, students, and enthusiasts. RegulatingAI is committed to harnessing the power of shared knowledge to construct a responsible and ethical AI ecosystem.

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