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Former Member of the US House of Representatives

Steve Israel

Former Member of the US House of Representatives

Steve Israel is a former U.S. Congressman who represented the North Shore of Long Island and parts of Queens for 16 years (2001-2017). He has also served as Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee from 2011 to 2015. In this role, Steve was the chief political strategist and lead architect of House of Representatives campaign strategies. He was responsible for overall development of competitive House campaigns across America. He developed a vast network of local, state, and federal officials throughout the nation, and is considered a leading expert in congressional dynamics. Israel was born in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Nassau Community College and Syracuse University before earning his B.A. at George Washington University in 1982. After earning his bachelor’s degree, Israel served as an aide to Rep. Richard Ottinger of New York until being elected to the Huntington Town Board. Israel previously served as chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Though he represented a well-known swing district, Steve was re-elected six times. After choosing not to seek re-election in 2016, he appears as a regular political commentator on MSNBC and has been renowned as an acclaimed political writer. Steve was appointed director of the new Institute of Politics and Global Affairs at Cornell University, which will serve as a platform to promote understanding of volatile and complex political dynamics in the United States and around the world.

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